BidTrakker 3.0

Any 6 hours at becomes 15 Minutes! BOOM! Yeah, we just said that!

BidTrakker: Doug Reitmeyer invested more than $250,000 creating this tool

How did BidTrakker Start?

The idea of BidTrakker started when Doug’s desire to become better, faster, smarter and way more efficient in the Federal Industry compelled him to create, build, invent, design, actions that many in construction have in their bones. Doug evaluated his current methodologies and found opportunities for progressive change. He aligned that found knowledge, innovative technology and the right people; Eventually BidTrakker came to fruition and was created in 1989.

The BidTrakker system remained a trade SECRET for over 15 years, it enabled Doug and his client companies to reduce their cost margins, increase their profit margins and open up a world of opportunity, resulting in INCREDIBLE returns and profits!

How does BidTrakker Work?

BidTrakker digitizes the government's paper-based system of daily solicitations. Each day we weed through and monitor the thousands of Government solicitations to find relevant job opportunities that can be utilized by the federal contractors.

In the GCExperts Workshop Government construction contractors will be taught, by an expert, how to use the system in the most effective and efficient way. Once the process is learned, searching and finding job opportunities can take less than 5 minutes a day, a huge time saver!

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